Electricians at work



The Area 1 Inside Electrical JATC was established for the purpose of developing and delivering a top level education to electrical apprentices, contractors and journey level workers within the Open Shop Electrical community. Our focus is education and training as well as building habits for success that will offer any person attending the Institute the opportunity to become a productive, valued, highly paid, highly skilled member of the open shop electrical industry.

The Area 1 Inside Electrical JATC maintains a high quality of instructors whose mission is to monitor all apprentice progress closely and move them along at a pace that suits them and ensures the learner has the best possibility to achieve his or her academic goals. Keeping a high quality of instruction and learning ensures high success rates for our apprentices.

The goal of the Area 1 Inside Electrical JATC is to develop a qualified and safe workforce through education and supervised on the job training.

Acceptance into a registered apprenticeship program offers you the ability to earn a living wage that progresses bi-annually with gained experience in the field working and through your education at the Area 1 Inside Electrical JATC. Our Institute offers college level courses accredited through Clackamas Community College allowing you the opportunity to earn Journey level Electrician Licenses in Oregon and Washington as well as setting you on the path to AAS Degree through Clackamas Community College.

Registered apprenticeship in the electrical trades gives you the combination of on-the-job experience, classroom instruction and field training to help you become a valued member of the electrical trade. The apprenticeship consists of 8,000 (4-years) of on-the-job training with a registered Area 1 Training Agent. In addition you will be required to attend a minimum of 576 classroom instruction hours at the Area 1 Inside Electrical JATC.

Daily, you can expect to work with a journey level electrician at all times, an individual who will mentor and instruct you on the necessary skills required to become a journey level electrician. JATC's maintain close relationships with the electrical contractors enlisted with the apprenticeship program. Training agents are seen as the key to the success of any apprenticeship program. Work environments will be both indoors and outdoors in all types of weather conditions, performing physical tasks and utilizing your technical skills. You must have the ability to work at all heights, distinguish colors and not be intimidated to work in small spaces.

At the Area 1 Inside Electrical JATC we strive to prepare each and every student with top-level skills to meet the challenges and ever-changing demands of the industry. Now all you have to do is decide ... Are you "Made for the Trade?"