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Apprenticeship is a career opportunity, not just a job. Apprenticeship offers several unique benefits: You "earn while you learn" - you can make a living wage with health insurance, retirement and other benefits while learning skills in a trade. As your skill level increases by learning the trade both in the classroom and on the job site, your wages also increase progressively. After completion of an apprenticeship program, your journey-level status is recognized in Oregon and Washington State with possible reciprocation to other states. When apprentices complete the program and become journey workers, they increase their employability in industry and may become supervisors or go into business for themselves. Apprenticeship is the first step to a long line of career opportunities.


The apprenticeship system offers not just a job, but a career. It attracts better applicants and improves employer-employee relationships. During the period of training, employers can instill values such as company loyalty, good work practices, and positive work attitudes. In addition, it ensures training standards of the trade are met while improving training standards in the industry.

When the training is completed and apprentices become fully qualified journey-level employees, they have little trouble fitting into the company because they already have a good grasp of the company's values and work requirements. With the promise of a future, apprentices become valuable, committed employees capable of advancing to more responsible positions within the company.