Electricians at work



One thing we can say about apprentice electrician jobs is that they are never boring. If you are thinking about doing an electrical apprenticeship there are many very good reasons that make this a good career option. One of these reasons is because of how lively and varied the work can be for an apprentice electrician – this is not your average desk job. Here we look at just what's involved in doing your apprenticeship as an apprentice electrician.

Related Training (RT) Responsibilities

Electrical apprentices don't only train and learn in the field, while working. Most, if not all, of your skills will first be learned from inside a classroom at the Electrical Management Group of Washington before you get to use them in the field. Here, experienced teachers will teach you the different skills that you will need to become a fully qualified and able electrician. Classes are typically held one day a week, September through June in the evenings from 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM. Each term an additional night of instruction may be required for hands on lab instruction that is not part of your weekly lecture schedule.

On the Job Training

For most apprentices this is the best part of the apprenticeships – the on-the-job training. Those who like to "learn by doing" will enjoy the challenge and opportunity to practically apply the skills learned in class. Due to the nature of the trade, apprentice electrician jobs are varied. Apprentice electricians can easily find themselves inside homes and installing basic wiring; under the sun, installing an outdoor lighting network; and even inside large buildings, maintaining the electrical network.

An electrical apprenticeship is not limited to training on how to install and maintain electrical wires. Commercial construction electricians also install and repair home devices such as air conditioning systems, refrigeration, stoves and ovens as well as other devices.

Think about how many things run on electricity and that is just how broad apprentice electrician jobs are. In fact, their responsibilities are only limited by the type of employer they are working for.

There are many things to expect during a normal day in an apprentice electrician's life. It is this variety which makes for an enjoyable and worthwhile learning experience. So, if you're looking for a trade that won't keep you cooped up inside the same room all the time, and then you should definitely get into the electrical trade with an electrical apprenticeship.