Electricians at work



To become an electrician you will also be required to complete on-the-job training through an apprenticeship job. Electrical apprentices learn the trade by working under the watchful eyes of skilled and experienced qualified electricians. If working on the electrical components of construction projects you may be responsible for handling heavy conduit or equipment, pulling heavy cable, cleaning and sweeping the work area, or climbing an extension ladder to install equipment in the ceiling.

Alternatively, you may be running small conduit and pulling small wire for lights and receptacles in a commercial building, or trying to find out why a motor doesn't run when the start button is pressed. You may be installing electrical outlets in a carpeted, air conditioned office, or you may be freezing in misting rain while installing conduits in the foundation of a new building. The work is usually physical and requires the use of your mind as well as your hands.

You may be in a new building that just going up or on a new job within an existing facility. In any case, the job will cause you to be around moving machinery, noise, dirt, poor footing, construction debris and any number of other hazards. You will learn to cope with all of these things and still do a productive day of work.

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Electricians are in high demand with the current Skills Shortage and rapidly approaching retirement of the "Baby Boomer" generation. An electrical journey level card allows you more opportunity as you can carry out additional jobs and services as well as earn a higher income due to your higher expertise.

Participation in our apprenticeship program insures your success should you decide that you are "Made for the Trade". Not only will you be given greater opportunities, but you will also feel comfortable with yourself, knowing that you are prepared to carry out services in the real world. Join our apprenticeship today and pave your way to a prosperous future!