Electricians at work



Electrical training is anything but monotonous. That's a certainty when you're learning the ropes as part of an electrical apprenticeship. While the work environment is challenging and dynamic, the training is serious and individuals undergoing electrician training are expected to finish training in order to receive their journey level licenses.

Related Training

Related Training (RT) is learning that is done inside a classroom at the Electrical Management Group of Washington. Here you will learn the knowhow and skills that you will need in the field. Lectures, lab instruction and regular tests are conducted during these times. It is during the RT electrician training that you will learn to document; use drawings, diagrams and manuals; and solve beginner-level problems to expert-level problems (depending on the year of your apprenticeship). While related training happens only once a week, it is a very important and mandatory part of your electrical training.

On The Job Training

It is here where you, the apprentice, will spend most of your time. This is where the things that you have learned during your RT are used. During your on-the-job electrician training, the amount of work and types of work you will be required to perform will depend on your employer's discretion. Responsibilities such as assisting a qualified electrician on a particular project, carrying out basic repairs, conducting preventive maintenance, planning and conducting electrical instillations for different kinds of establishments, among many more. In fact, the type of work that you might encounter when undergoing electrical training is only limited by the type of employer you work for. You will be able to learn a whole world of knowledge and skills when you undergo electrician training. Throughout your electrical training, you will not only learn about the valuable skills that you will need, you will also get a first-hand feel on the industry that that you have chosen as your career.

Common Electrical Apprentice Jobs

Alright then, so you want to become an electrician and you've just been accepted as an electrical apprentice (or perhaps you're in the process of considering becoming an apprentice electrician), and right now you're wondering just what are the electrical apprentice jobs waiting for you during your apprenticeship. Well, the apprentice electrician jobs or duties that you might expect, depends, of course on the level of certification that you are currently in. However, there are a few duties that you will be doing during your training.

Preparing Tools and Equipment

One of the most basic electrical apprentice jobs that will become your responsibility is preparing the tools and equipment that will be used during the course of the work-day. How to properly care for your tools and equipment is one of the first things that an apprentice electrician is expected to do, and that knowledge is used pretty much every single day during the course of your apprenticeship and throughout your career as a professional electrician. So when someone asks you to put the tools and equipment away, just remember that while this is one of the more simple jobs it is also one of the most important of all your apprentice electrician jobs.

Site Clean Up

Whenever you work on something, there is bound to be some litter or trash left lying around afterwards. Cleanup is another one of the important apprentice electrician jobs you will be expected to perform during your apprenticeship. Like preparing and making sure that your equipment and tools are in working order, making sure that you leave a site clean is another important habit that is ingrained into every apprentice electrician.